Forest road in Mississippi on a sunny day

3 of the Most Dangerous Mississippi Roads

Identifying which roads are the most dangerous in any given area is no walk in the park. Doing so often requires researchers to sift through piles of data in order to identify the particular roads on which most fatalities occur.

The list provided here has been gathered from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

3 Most Dangerous Mississippi Roadways

#1 - Interstate 55 (I-55)

Interstate 55 is one of the busiest interstates in northwest Mississippi. Because of its dense traffic patterns and its poor conditions, this highway is known as a place where an inequitable number of accidents happen.

This road takes nearly one life for every mile.

#2 - Interstate 20 (I-20)

Interstate 20 travels right through the center of Mississippi. While the road may appear relatively straight on the map, it is much more winding and narrow than several other local interstates.

There is thick foliage growing throughout various sections of this highway’s meridian, which almost completely blocks the view of oncoming traffic.

A high number of accidents that happen on I-20 involve tractor-trailers. There are about 0.66 deaths per mile on the portion of this highway that travels through Mississippi.

#3 - Interstate 59 (I-59)

Interstate 59 is a primary highway to and from Mississippi’s agricultural regions. Even though the dangerous S-turn near mile marker 96 was removed, this road is still very dangerous.

Interstate 59 claims roughly 0.55 lives per mile.

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