I was born in Tupelo; however, I have lived in California, Mexico, Illinois and settled in Indiana where I began school. When I returned to Tupelo in 2006, I knew it was where my roots would forever be. I married and became a mother shortly after I turned 18, quickly seeing that it was my job as a mama to set an example and assist in providing for my family. When my son, David Oliver, turned one I enrolled at Itawamba Community College and obtained my Associates of Arts Degree in 2012. I continued my education at the University of Mississippi Tupelo Campus. In the fall of 2012, I discovered that my daughter, Ella Lucille, would soon be on born. She renewed my motivation for being successful and setting the example that, no matter the situation, anything is achievable with effort and due care. I graduated from the University of Mississippi in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Due to my background, I have always seen myself as an outgoing, diverse, self-motivated individual.

The first three years of my career allowed me to learn and proficiently work on Social Security Disability claims, non-contested Chancery matters, and personal injury cases. My mentor was supportive of my decision to continue to learn and excel. I have since worked for firms that, I am proud to admit, were great steppingstones that have gotten me to where I am today. My experience with small and large firms has given me much insight on the differences amongst firms and on the key to maintaining success, which is a good client-representative relationship. With my combined life and professional experience, I can relate to and communicate smoothly and comfortably with our clients, giving them the same individual time and attention as I do my own family.