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Camila A. Johnson

Camila A. Johnson



Ever since I was a little girl, the only thing that I have wanted to be was a lawyer. I moved from Bogota, Colombia to South Florida when I was 5 years old, and I always knew that I wanted to help people and to spend my life in the service of others. What better way to do that than to help people traverse the often-complicated legal world? I believe that everyone should have access to justice both inside and out of the courtroom, and I have dedicated my career to helping those who need help navigating the legal system. Prior to getting my degrees, I joined the U.S. Army in 2000 and proudly served for 6 years in the Army Reserve. I was called up for two tours of duty post-9/11 and spent most of my time on active duty supporting the 3rd Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart, GA and the 81st Regional Readiness Command out of Birmingham, AL. When my service was complete, I completed a bachelor’s in business administration with an emphasis on human resources as well as a J.D. in law from the University of Mississippi. While I was in law school, I had a daily 2-hour commute, a toddler, and a job as a clerk for the Honorable Judge Talmadge D. Littlejohn prior to his passing. As my experience shows, I am more than capable of handling difficult tasks that require discipline, drive, and dedication. After law school, I worked for the public sector for almost five years representing the State of Mississippi Department of Human Services and enforcing child support orders. I have been heavily involved with chancery practice, which focuses on equity under the law, and I have an outstanding relationship with chancellors and attorneys across northern Mississippi. My clients are like family to me, and I treat them just like I would want someone to treat me. I want to help them achieve their legal goals and empower them to take control of their situation at the same time. People who are not trained in the legal profession often feel overwhelmed when facing the intricacies of the law. However, I guide my clients through all these technicalities and help them understand where they stand and what their expectations should be regarding the outcome of their case. Being an attorney involves more than just knowing the law; it touches the client’s life in many ways, and it is my goal to leave all my clients in a better position than when they first came to me. I offer legal services in both English and Spanish. If you’d like to speak with me about your case, contact at (888) 484-1476 or request a free consultation online.


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