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After my car accident my friend had worked with Mama Justice and he told me to call them they were good with staying in contact with me and got me paid.Dandre Flowers
I was injured at work and Mama Justice and her team have been great at answering questions keeping in touch and have treated me like family! I highly recommend calling your mama then Mama Justice!Penny Smithey
Mama Justice helped me tremendously when I was involved in a car wreck! They really took the stress off me during that time of feeling hopeless. They constantly stayed in contact with me informing me of everything that was going on. I would recommend anyone to use their service, you won’t be disappointed! They will help you get the settlement you deserve!Duo ll
They really took Great Care of My Family I was Informed on everything that was going with my case from my Car accident back in 12/8/21. I really Appreciate everything Call ya Mama Then Call Mama Justice 😊Kiara Woods
Mama Justice took care of me when I was hurt in my car accident. I couldn't have had a better attorney on my side. I highly recommend calling your mama then Mama Justice!Sheila Brewer
I called after I got in a car wreck and it was the best decision! The staff is so helpful and really take the time to make sure you’re okay. Thank you mama justice!!Avery Gillespie
Awesome staff great people best for personal injuryJ Mac
In July 2020, My wife broke her foot while at work. She went out on workers comp. The orthopedic surgeon she was assigned to diagnosed her foot by xrays and said it was not broken. My wife went seven weeks with a broken foot that got worst. The coloration of her foot was rainbow and bad swelling. We decided to hire a lawyer because we felt that the docter wastrying to do the work comp insurance company a favor by lying about my wife's foot. We hired a lawyer out of Jackson, MS. He was the LAwyer from hell for 16 months. Nothing was done. We became very frustrated as the work comp checks started to arrived 2-3 weeks behind. While I was in Atlanta GA, I heard Mama Justice commercial on the radio. When I arrived home I saw Mama Justice commercials over and over on 3 different channels. I convinced my wife to lets fire the current attorney and seek Mama Justice. I jokenly asked my wife, " DID YOU CALL YOUR MAMA?" My replied with a confused face, yes." I then said , NOW ITS TIME TO CALL MAMA JUSTICE." Calling MW Law Firm was one of the greatest decisions we have every made. We were given an appt and presented a big file of 16 months of medical documents and Xrays. Mama Justice accepted our case without hesitation. We had been under alot of stress with me coming out of reirement to make ends meet and a daughter in Medical school. Mama Justice hit the road running. She took the fire and heat , to the Ex-lawyer, the hospital, thge doctors, and most of all she lit a firecracker under workrs comp insurance companies (azz). My wife started getting her checks in the mail with 4 weeks back pay which was $1900.00 from work comp. My wifes was assigned the Director of the Orthopedic Clinic as her physican and surgeon. The suregeon looked at my woifes xrays, said " I apologize, you have a broken foot that is broken from your pinky toe all the way to your outside heal ( Jones Fracture). The surgeon put a cast on my wifes foot, immediately. As a retired Federal officer, hell the govt never got anybody to move that fast. When she attended physical therapy , she was treated with royality. It was so amazing , they even waited on me hand and foot. The tech that put the cast on asked us, " Did yall hire a lawyer, because yall name is on the HIGH PRIORITY CARE list. We smiled with arrogance and said, yes we did. We hired Mama Justice. The tech asked "The lady with the little black and white kids on the commercial. " call ya mama, then call mama justice". The tech said, whatever that lawyer( Mama Justice) said to this clinic got everybody's underwear in a whad. The tech then told us that the work comp manager quit . After that my wife recieved tip top care. I was able to back off fighting with work comp, and the clinics and hospitals. I learned a valuable lesson, be very CAREFUL WHEN HIRING LAWYERS. I worked in Washington, D.C. for 22 year of and on. There are 1000s of lawyers there. But Mama Justice , (Missy Wellington) can and will roll big with the big dawgs. She is not afraid to take on any challenges or anybody. She has that bulldog mentality with a beautiful face, " you either roll with me or Ill roll over you. If you have a case that she specializes in, dont hesitate to allow her to represent you and your family. She has huge respect all of the state among high and low level officials and lawyers. When she talks to you ,she is precise and straight to the point. We thank The entire MW law Firm for their extreme professionalism, land dedicated work in getting my wifes health back and my mental state, LOL. I can say, that knowing she and her staff was there anytime, we were able to sleep at night. They would call or send emails just to see how we were doing. The x lawyer we had we never met him and he was never in thge office, for 16 months. I feel so guilty that Missy gave us state of the art representation and we cant give her all what she deserves. Theres not enough money 2 pay someone like Missy and her staff. The entire staff are kind and warmhearted. "May God Bless the USA and May God Bless The MW Law Firm!!"Erise Wilson jr
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mama Justice!!! They came through and did what it took get the job done, and got me and my family the settlement that we deserved!! A special shout out to Ms Katie..she was by my side through the whole thing!Shanice Baker
Definitely recommend Mama Justice. They have been there for me and I highly recommend!!!!!Lea Bobo
They were very professional! And they were very patient. I greatly appreciate the work that did for me. And I would truly recommend them Miss Missy took time out of her busy day Come back there and talk with me personally that meant a lot to my. And I personally thank them very much.Bobby Hall
I love them!! Best to ever do it!!! Mama Justice is where it’s at!! They will never let you down!! Some of the best people I’ve ever met!!Ashley Gibson
Miss. Alexandria at MW law firm went above and beyond for me. Her and her team at MW law firm in Tupelo MS went above and beyond for me in more ways than I can count. I didn’t have to pick up a phone and make any appointments, anything that needed to be done was handled by the time she called me. I didn’t have to worry about if I was being well taken care of, I knew I was. Thank you MW law firm. First call your momma, then call momma justice!! ,Cruse SmithChristian Smith

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