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Biloxi Mass Torts Lawyer

Have you been injured by a mass produced consumer product such as Roundup? You may be entitled to compensation through a mass tort. Contact us in Biloxi at MW Law Firm – Mama Justice to find out more information.

A Biloxi mass tort lawyer is skilled in litigating cases where numerous clients have been injured due to use of the same product. Typically, mass tort cases are filed against big corporations such as railways, airlines, or pharmaceutical manufacturers. They pursue compensation for a group of clients, all of whom endured similar injuries.

Victims who have experienced harm caused by the injuring party can sustain a wide variety of damages ranging in severity. Damages can be emotional, economic, or physical in nature. Those who were injured can pursue financial compensation for those damages by participating in a mass tort lawsuit.

With a 40-year track record of successful case results in Mississippi courts, you can depend on the Biloxi mass tort lawyers at MW Law Firm – Mama Justice to ensure you get the best legal representation, resources and knowledge you need to protect your best interests. Call us today for your free case evaluation.

What Is Mass Tort Litigation?

Mass torts are a form of personal injury. It is a legal action that is brought when a product or other negligent situation causes injuries to multiple people. A mass tort lawsuit is similar to a class action lawsuit because they both involve multiple claimants injured by a negligent party. There are, however, distinctions in how victims are awarded payment for their damages.

There are three primary types of mass tort litigation:

  • Product liability torts
  • Mass toxic torts
  • Mass disaster torts

Some examples of when a mass tort suit could be filed are:

  • A medication is sold that has dangerous side effects that cause illness or injury to a lot of people
  • A medical appliance was created that injured people because it frequently malfunctions
  • A defective product is manufactured that causes financial or physical injuries to a large group of people
  • A commercial airplane crashes due to its own negligence and injures or kills a lot of people

If you were injured by a dangerous drug, a faulty product, a defective medical device, or any other form of corporate negligence, contact the Biloxi, MS personal injury attorneys at MW Law Firm – Mama Justice for skilled legal representation in your case.

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