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Mississippi Truck Accident Lawyers

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Were you hurt or was your family member killed in a truck wreck? Do you believe the truck driver was negligent, driving recklessly, or speeding? Do you suspect there was a problem with the truck or the cargo that caused the accident or made the situation worse? After a truck accident, you need answers. You need compensation. Let Mama Justice – MW Law Firm help.

Our Mississippi truck accident lawyers help everyday people throughout Northeastern Mississippi who have become involved in serious truck collisions or who have lost loved ones due to the negligence of a truck driver. Whether you were hurt in a truck wreck with an 18-wheeler, a semi-truck, a tank truck, or a tractor-trailer, we can take on the insurance companies for you.

Our team also handles workers’ compensation claims if you were hurt in a truck collision while on the job. Truck drivers get injured, too! Whether you’re a long-haul driver or delivery truck driver, you know the challenges of bad drivers, bad roads, truck equipment failure, and all the things that can go wrong on the road.

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Why You Need an Attorney after a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are not the same as car accidents. These incidents are often much more devastating due to the sheer size and weight of large trucks. Often, these collisions result in serious, catastrophic, or even fatal injuries. While a truck driver may have acted carelessly, his or her employer—the trucking company—may be liable. There are a lot of complicating factors, and the ordinary individual will need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer to get the full, fair compensation they are owed.

The earlier you get a personal injury attorney working for you, the better. Evidence disappears and you need someone working as soon as possible to gather the evidence and get the facts.

At Mama Justice – MW Law Firm, we can help you with every aspect of your claim, including:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident to determine liability
  • Obtaining photos of the accident scene, the vehicles involved, your injuries, etc.
  • Gathering your medical records, the police report, and other relevant documents
  • Talking to witnesses and obtaining official witness statements
  • Working with a professional accident reconstruction expert/investigator if necessary
  • Submitting your claim to the proper party/parties
  • Negotiating with the liable party’s insurance adjuster
  • Preparing your case for trial, if necessary, and representing you in court

Your job is to focus on your physical and emotional recovery—leave your financial recovery up to us. We understand that your life has suddenly become much more difficult; we will do everything we can to make things easier for you.

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Put a Trusted & Experienced Team on Your Side

When you meet with our Mississippi car accident lawyers, we will explain what is possible in your case and how we can move forward. We have a long track record of successfully negotiating favorable settlements for our clients. Our attorneys are tenacious and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for you.

Reach out to us today to talk about the accident, your injuries, and any problems you have had with an insurance company. Here at Mama Justice – MW Law Firm, we listen and we are on your side. Our firm helps people in the Mississippi area and in communities across Western Tennessee.

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