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Premises Liability Attorneys

Were You Injured on Someone Else’s Property in Mississippi, Tennessee, or Alabama?

If you were hurt at a business, a community center, a government building, an apartment building, or even at a private home because of unsafe conditions on the property, you may be able to get money for your injuries. Accidents do happen, and not every accident or injury is someone’s fault. But there are times when it is someone’s fault, and they can be held legally liable.

If you were seriously hurt because a business or building owner was careless, talk to a Mississippi premises liability attorney at Mama Justice – MW Law Firm to see if you have a premises liability claim. We represent everyday people throughout Northeastern Mississippi; we can fight for the fair recovery you deserve for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.

Call our firm at (833) 626-2587 or contact us online today to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys are licensed and have active cases in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.

When Are Property Owners Liable for Unsafe Conditions?

As previously mentioned, not every accident is someone else’s fault. However, property owners can be held liable for slip and fall accidents, dog bites, and other harmful incidents that occur due to negligent property conditions.

A property owner may be liable for your damages if:

  • They knew of the unsafe condition but didn’t take action to fix it or warn people (e.g. putting out signs saying “wet floor” to warn people of the condition)
  • There were safety violations (for example, burned out lights or broken handrails in a stairwell of a public building)
  • An employee of the property owner created the unsafe condition (for example, leaving boxes in a store aisle where people could trip over them)

What to Do If You Are Injured on Someone’s Property

If you are injured on public or private property, it can be easy to brush the accident off as just that—an accident. But, depending on the severity of your injuries, you could be looking at substantial medical expenses, lost wages, and significant pain and suffering. If someone else acted negligently, you should not have to simply face these consequences on your own.

If you are injured due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, whether public or private, make sure to do the following:

  • Report the injury to the store owner, property manager, or property owner (and document the date you notified them). They will need to notify their insurer.
  • If possible, take pictures of the dangerous situation. Property owners can quickly become motivated to make repairs when faced with a lawsuit. Those photos will be important to prove that a dangerous condition existed.
  • Take your injury seriously. Get a doctor to look at it sooner rather than later. Were you hit in the head by falling merchandise at a box store? Cut by sharp shelving? A lot of people want to “walk it off” or “see if it gets better,” so they put off seeing a doctor. But a head injury could be a concussion. A laceration can result in a serious infection and lasting scars. Before you decide it’s “no big deal,” check in with a doctor and find out for sure.
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