Hamilton, Alabama Premises Liability Lawyer

If you’ve sustained injuries in an accident on someone else’s property, contact the Hamilton premises liability attorneys at Mama Justice to learn about your legal options and right to compensation.

When otherwise healthy people fall and injure themselves, there is usually a very specific cause. Did they slip due to a wet floor with no warning sign? Did they trip on a loose piece of carpeting? Did they fall down a flight of stairs because of an improperly secured handrail?

These circumstances and many more can create a hazardous premises at a home or business. A trip or a fall can potentially be much more severe than a simple skinned knee and result in catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage.

At Mama Justice, our lawyers have extensive experience representing Alabama residents and visitors who were injured due to someone else’s carelessness while on their property. Our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of the state’s premises liability laws, along with an impressive track record of obtaining fair financial compensation for our clients.

We work closely with those we represent, allowing our decades of combined experience to set them up for a successful resolution to their Hamilton personal injury claim.

Premises Liability in Alabama

Almost all premises liability claims hinge on the legal idea of negligence. This idea is necessary to understand because simply getting hurt on someone else’s property does not automatically indicate that the owner of the property perpetrated negligence or that there was a dangerous condition present.

A lawyer will be required to show that the property owner either knew of the unsafe condition and chose to ignore it or behaved negligently. For a court to decide that negligence occurred, the following four elements must be proven:

  • A duty of care existed (For example: to keep his patrons safe, a cafe owner needs to ensure that his restroom floors are not wet).
  • That duty of care was violated (The restroom floors were wet, and no wet floor signs were in place).
  • An accident took place due to the violation (A patron slipped on the wet, unmarked restroom floor and, in doing so, sustained an injury).
  • The injuries the patron received were a direct result of the accident (The patron sprained their ankle and sustained a concussion when they fell).
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