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Did you get hurt by a defective product, dangerous drug, or in a large-scale accident? You might have the option to join a mass tort in pursuit of compensation if enough people were hurt in a similar way and for the same reasons. Figuring out what to do with your mass tort case can be a pain, though. That is if you don’t let Mama Justice lend a hand!

Mama Justice – MW Law Firm is the name in Memphis that people trust with difficult injury cases, like mass torts and class actions. We have been around for years, so we know a thing or three about mass tort cases, including whether your case should join a mass tort at all. Let us walk you through this unique legal process, beginning with a free initial consultation to point you in the right direction.

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What is a Mass Tort?

A mass tort is a specialized civil case that attempts to let numerous plaintiffs – sometimes hundreds or thousands – seek compensation from a defendant for similar damages caused by similar events or reasons. Because the damages or injuries suffered by the plaintiffs are not identical or near-identical, a class action lawsuit will not work.

For example, imagine that a new prescription drug is released to the market to treat heart disease. However, a few years later, thousands of patients are experiencing a variety of maladies, ranging from hair loss and gum disease to liver failure and stomach cancer. A mass tort would likely work in this situation because the same drug hurt many people but in many different ways.

Examples of mass tort cases in recent years are:

  • Roundup® weed killer lawsuits
  • Hernia mesh device lawsuits
  • Mesothelioma lawsuits
  • JUUL® e-cigarette addiction lawsuits
  • 3M dual-sided military earplug lawsuits
  • Zantac® lawsuits

How are Mass Torts Justified?

To determine the validity of a mass tort, a bellwether trial will usually be held first. Bellwether trials take a sample set of evidence that could be expected in all or most cases within the proposed mass tort and use them for a “practice run” trial. The bellwether jury is asked to assess the situation carefully to determine if the defendant could be held liable for the plaintiff’s damages and, if so, how much compensation would be justified. A bellwether trial can be a mock trial or an actual trial that acts as the first of many if it succeeds.

If the bellwether trial ends in the plaintiff’s favor, then the proposed mass tort can be approved. At that point, plaintiffs within the mass tort can bring their own individual lawsuits in their local courts as part of a wider effort to secure compensation and justice for their injuries.

What are the Benefits of a Mass Tort?

If your case is part of a larger mass tort, then you could enjoy these benefits:

  • Your case’s success is independent, so you can still secure compensation even if others within the mass tort have not.
  • Attorneys working on mass tort cases can easily share evidence and research to benefit other plaintiffs.
  • Costs associated with expert witnesses, investigations, and other legal costs can be split among all mass tort plaintiffs, making each case cheaper for each individual plaintiff.
  • Mass torts can conclude at a predictable pace without delays because no single court should be suddenly overwhelmed with hundreds or thousands of cases.

Need Help with a Mass Tort? We’re Here!

Mama Justice and our Memphis mass tort lawyers can walk you through each step of the mass tort process. Our goal from the start is to get you as much compensation as possible. Thanks to our 40+ years of collective legal experience, we’re prepared to handle a mass tort case based on virtually any sort of injury or accident.

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