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Claims After Injuries on Someone Else’s Property

You are owed a duty of care by the property owner of any property you visit. If something happens to you because that duty of care is violated, then it might be the proprietor’s responsibility to pay for your damages. Of course, they probably won’t want to, which is why you should plan on coming to MW Law Firm PLLC - Mama Justice for legal help.

At Mama Justice, we never shy away from a tough case if it means protecting and taking care of a client. We see everyone as a loved one in need, and we reflect this point of view in everything we do. From the start of your case to its conclusion, we know that you will feel safe and sound while Mama Justice is on the job!

To see if you can get compensation after an accident on someone else’s property, contact our Tupelo premises liability lawyers.

Unsafe Conditions That Cause Visitor Injuries

Property owners need to make certain that every square foot of their property that is available to visitors is safe for them to be there. When there is a hazard present, the proprietor needs to take reasonable and adequate steps to eliminate the hazard or at least ensure that no one can get hurt by it until it can be fixed. Failing to do so is often the first step of a premises liability claim or lawsuit.

Hazards often noted in a premises liability claim include:

  • Loose carpeting or rugs
  • Slick tiles and spills
  • Cracked concrete and asphalt
  • Stairs with no handrails
  • Uncontrolled dogs
  • Poorly lit walkways

Whether you slipped and fell or were bitten by an aggressive pet, our team wants to be the one you trust with your premises liability case. Our extensive legal experience allows us to investigate each claim thoroughly, so we can narrow in on the exact cause of your injuries and prove that the proprietor is to blame, not you.

Are Property Owners Always Responsible for Hazards?

Sometimes accidents happen and no one can really be blamed for it. The owner of the property on which you had your accident might not be liable for your injuries. It depends on whether or not the hazard was unreasonable, meaning that another proprietor in the same situation would not have made the mistakes that the defendant did.

A property owner might not be liable for an accident on their property if:

  • They did not have a reasonable amount of time to notice the hazard before you were hurt.
  • The hazard was seemingly random and not caused by an identifiable safety hazard.
  • The hazard was not created by the property owner or an employee.

For example, imagine that you were in an office supply store when you turned a corner down an aisle and tripped on a box of pens that a stock clerk left on the floor. This tripping hazard was created by an employee, so the property owner or company would almost-certainly be liable. Now imagine that you were in a grocery store and a big truck rolled by the front window, causing a little can of peas to fall off a display. Not seeing the can, you slip on it a minute later. In this situation, the hazard is random – created by the happenstance of the big rig rolling by – and was not around for a while before you slipped on it – only one minute between the can falling and your accident – so the property owner might not be liable.

Don’t Sweat the Details – We Will!

The smallest details in a premises liability claim can sometimes make all the difference. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry about them. Leave everything up to the Mama Justice premises liability attorneys in Tupelo instead. We can take care of your claim as if we were representing ourselves, so you can rest easy and focus on trying to recover from your injuries. Mama Justice is your lady for justice!

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