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How to Deal with the Emotional Repercussions of a Wrongful Death

How to Deal with the Emotional Repercussions of a Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a legal term that defines instances of death where the person died because of someone else’s actions and/or neglectful behavior. Losing someone close will always be difficult to deal with, irrespective of the circumstances. However, knowing that someone else was directly/indirectly responsible for a loved one’s death can be an exceptionally difficult situation to accept.

As a result, the grieving family members often have to suffer through a whirlwind of negative emotions that range from anger to helplessness. At this point, most would advise making an effort to slowly move on from the tragedy, but that’s not the best approach — at least not when you are dealing with the emotional repercussions of a wrongful death.

A time to move on will come, but before that time is here, we must do all that can be done to deal with the immediate emotional repercussions of the incident. As to what we can possibly do in such a situation, that is precisely what we will be discussing in the following paragraphs.

Seeking Emotional Support

When a family member passes away, it’s important to seek emotional support from your friends and family members. If you are not able to do so, at least do not reject anyone close when they offer to be there for you. If neither is an option, consider seeking temporary support from a mental health professional. Grieving is a multistage process and there are mental health experts who specialize in helping people deal with their emotions through those stages.

Seeking Justice

A wrongful death is an unjust death which could have been avoided. Therefore, righteous indignation is a very common and natural reaction that people close to the deceased will experience upon getting to know how and why their loved one died. It is your legal right to seek closure through the justice system.

If the death was a result of criminal action, then the accused will be prosecuted at a criminal court. However, that does not mean you won’t be able to sue the responsible party/parties separately and simultaneously at a civil court for financial compensations. Nothing helps us find closure in cases of wrongful death better than legal vindication.

Seeking Compensation

Sometimes, the accused party is only partially or indirectly responsible and they may not be charged for a criminal offence. Accidental deaths at workplaces and medical negligence are two common examples where the party held responsible seldom receives a criminal charge. That, however, does not relieve the party from their financial liabilities to the deceased’s surviving family members.

Irrespective of whether the responsible party is criminally charged or not, you will have the right to sue them for emotional damages just the same. Either way, you can always discuss the merits of a wrongful death lawsuit with our attorneys any time you want, free of charge.

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