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How Does Mississippi Law Determine Fault In Truck Accidents?

How Does Mississippi Law Determine Fault In Truck Accidents?


Imagine cruising along Interstate 20, enjoying the picturesque surroundings of a serene Mississippi morning. Suddenly, out of nowhere, your peaceful drive is disrupted by an enormous semi-truck swerving into your lane, causing an unavoidable collision. Waking up in a hospital bed with pangs of pain shooting through your body and worries about medical bills crowding your mind, you ask yourself- who was at fault?


Understanding the complexities of the legal process surrounding truck accidents is crucial to figuring out liability and securing compensation for damages suffered. As skilled Mississippi truck accident lawyers, we’re here to help clarify some misconceptions and shed light on how Mississippi law determines fault in these unfortunate incidents.


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Determining Fault under Mississippi Law


Mississippi applies a “pure comparative negligence” rule in all motor vehicle accident cases—including those involving trucks. Under this rule, each party’s blame or responsibility for the accident is scrutinized based on their contribution to its occurrence.


So picture it this way – during our hypothetical incident on I-20 above – if it’s found that you didn’t maintain enough distance between you and the semi-truck, then even though truck driver initiated a catastrophic event by swerving into lane recklessly; yet could still be partially held accountable because failed act safely themselves thereby contributing to disaster unfold.

Evidence In Determining Liability: Truck Crashes


Successful application habitually hinges upon strong evidence available to establish the fault of another party involved in the crash, providing comprehensive proof vital to increasing chances of obtaining just settlement case handed over to courts for decision-making.


  • Thorough documentation– Make sure details like scene photographs and eye-witness statements are appropriately collected

  • Collaborating police reports- Police officers usually arrive immediately after road accidents occur

  • Reconstruction experts play a significant role during such cases. Their professional assessments help us recreate accidents based on available evidence, making clear how exactly they unfolded.

Understanding The Complexities Of Truck Accidents

Unlike regular car accidents, semi-truck crashes can involve multiple parties. It’s crucial to understand that truck drivers are often employees of larger transport companies, and these corporations may also share in the blame alongside the driver.


Accidents might not only be a result of driver’s reckless behavior like exceeding the speed limit or foregoing mandatory rest periods but could be because the company put immense pressure to meet stringent deadlines and failed to maintain vehicles appropriately hence contributing to disaster unfolding.


You’d need a Mississippi truck accident lawyer untangling web liability, ensuring all responsible parties held accountable under the law.


Why You Need A Mississippi Truck Accident Lawyer


Professional legal truck accident representation is imperative while dealing with motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks due to their complexity. Legal professionals guide you through – from initiating an investigation into a fault, determining the most beneficial course of action, and pursuing compensation deserved.


Frequently Asked Questions About Determining Fault In Semi-Truck Accidents:

  1. How Long Do I Have To File A Claim After A Semi-Truck Accident In Mississippi?

According to Mississippi law, you have three years from the accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit.


  1. Can I Recover Damages If I Am Partially At Fault For My Semi-Truck Accident?

Yes. Under Mississippi’s pure comparative negligence rule, you can still recover damages based on your proportionate responsibility even if you’re found partly at fault.

  1.  What Type Of Documentation Should I Gather Post Truck Accident?

Essential records include photographs from scene statements, eyewitnesses, police reports, medical bills incurred, and relevant insurance documents.

  1. Do Commercial Trucking Companies Hold Any Responsibility For These Accidents?

Yes, the trucking company may be held partially accountable in many cases. Aspects such as improper maintenance of vehicles or pushing drivers to meet unreasonably tight schedules can contribute to liability.

  1. What Is The Role Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

Lawyers assist every step from collecting evidence, filing claims, negotiating fair compensation with insurers, and even representing court if required.


Work with A Semi-truck Accident Attorney

Given the severity of the impact accidents can have on people’s lives coupled with the multifaceted nature establishing fault Mississippi law– it becomes clear why opting for a seasoned Mississippi truck accident lawyer is the paramount path to justice recovery deserved.


Mama Justice Law Firm offers a free consultation to discuss your legal options for fair financial recovery. We encourage you to learn more about our legal team, our practice areas, and how we’ve helped clients in situations similar to yours. Call us today at (833) 626-2587!



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