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Hiring a Lawyer after a Greenville, Mississippi 18-wheeler accident

Our injury attorneys are dedicated to helping the people of the Greenville area obtain compensation for their losses after an accident. You do not have to make an insurance claim on your own. Schedule a free consultation today

Drivers of semi-trucks are constantly in traffic and, therefore, frequently at risk of an accident. In general, the Greenville area and Washington County are no strangers to these types of incidents. Sometimes a person involved is killed; other times, there is only physical damage to the vehicles. Either way, the potential to be gravely injured is exponentially higher when it involves a semi-truck.

Semi-truck drivers are also known to work long hours whilst covering vast distances. Switching between city traffic to highway traffic, to rural traffic, to suburban traffic means that many truckers drive tired in situations that demand close attention, a potential recipe for disaster.

It can feel overwhelming trying to gain compensation for an insurance claim in Greenville, Mississippi. Sometimes it feels like no resources are available to those who have suffered truck accidents. Our Greenville attorneys at Mama Justice are here to help you and your loved ones receive the compensation they deserve.

The Aftermath of a Greenville 18-Wheeler Accident

In the aftermath of a bad accident in Mississippi, the last thing you want to do is deal with tedious paperwork and phone calls with your insurance company. You could be dealing with a severe injury or even the death of a loved one. We understand why our clients attempt to do these things independently, but it can put you at an extreme disadvantage.

Navigating the justice system in Greenville, Mississippi, can be incredibly overwhelming and disorienting. You could potentially hurt your case if you agree to the claims of a deceptive message shared by an insurance agent. Our Greenville area attorneys know the ins and outs of traffic and personal injury law and all the tricks that insurance companies may attempt to use on you.

If you were harmed in a truck accident in Greenville, Mississippi, contact our attorneys for a free consultation. Our lawyers at Mama Justice are here to help separate fact from fiction and get you compensation for a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Different Types of Truck Accidents that happen in Greenville MS

Typical accidents involving 18-wheelers in Greenville tend to be non-fatal for the truck driver but can prove devastating for the drivers of the other vehicles involved. Accidents involving an 18-wheeler can occur in many different ways. These types of accidents can happen virtually anywhere on a highway, city street, or a country road.

These accidents vary significantly in how they occur, and with tourists and other out-of-town drivers, the potential for accidents only increases. Here are some of the most common accidents that happen involving big trucks:

Wide Turns: Wide turns will happen when a truck driver swings the truck to the left to make it rotate and turn towards the right. When pulling a trailer, the semi-truck can collide with the car to its right and potentially cause a rollover.

Rollovers: A rollover crash is typically the most deadly accident involving a truck. One way this type of crash can occur is when debris lies on the highway and causes the driver to swerve abruptly. This can cause the vehicle to flip over onto its side, sending the trailer sliding across the interstate.

T-Bone: This crash happens when a truck driver doesn’t obey traffic lights or stop signs. If a truck driver makes this catastrophic mistake, their truck could crash into another vehicle, or vice versa, triggering a side impact or “t-bone.”

Under Ride: This type of accident happens when a semi-truck stops abruptly and one vehicle – usually a car – slides under the trailer. This type of collision can prove to be fatal, especially when high speeds are involved on a highway or interstate.

Jackknife: A jackknife in a semi-truck occurs when the trailer swings perpendicular to the cabin, exceeding a 45-degree angle. When this happens, the trailer can slide in front of it, running into anything in its way. These accidents are often severe because there is so much momentum for the trailer to continue sliding along the highway. In these situations, trailers can also tip over and crush cars underneath them.

Rear-End Accidents: The large size and weight of semis and their loads make these accidents more likely to be fatal than those involving two cars. If one finds themselves in a rear-end accident with a semi, it will likely be fatal or at least gravely serious.

Lost Loads: Truck drivers transport heavy freight throughout delivery. Sometimes loads are not restrained and run the risk of becoming detached and hitting nearby cars. Lost loads can also block traffic and prove problematic even for those who were nowhere near the actual accident.

Blind Spots: Blind spots can be a significant issue, not just in small cars but with 18-wheelers as well. They can lead to huge accidents, which is why it’s so important to check them routinely while driving. When the big rig makes a turn or switches lanes without double-checking its blind spots is when there’s often an accident.

Head-on Collisions: A head-on collision can be very serious, if not fatal. Head-on collisions, in general, are some of the worst types of accidents, even when just between two small cars. You can imagine how much the stakes rise when a semi is involved.

Many types of trucking accidents can happen on transportation routes. Different accidents will need different attorneys to help you. Please do not assume your case is hopeless, contact our legal team at Mama Justice today to see how we can help your case.

No matter if you have non-life-threatening injuries or something more serious, call us for more information about how we can help. You may be able to receive compensation to assist you in paying for vehicle repairs, lost income, and any other damages you have encountered.

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