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Hamilton Mass Tort Lawyer

If you’ve been injured as a result of a medical device, medication, or another product, contact Mama Justice to discuss your injuries and get legal aid.

A mass tort lawsuit can encompass dozens or hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs who have sustained identical or similar injuries caused by a defendant’s or a group of defendants’ commercial offerings.

Mass torts lawsuits are commonly confused with class-action suits, however, class-action suits involve a single lawsuit that represents a group or “class” of similarly situated claimants.

Whereas, in mass torts, each claimant’s case is filed separately in a single centralized court. The claim of each individual mass tort plaintiff will progress independently, arguing claims that are the same or similar to other plaintiffs.

Mass Torts are cases where multiple victims are wrongfully injured in the same or a similar way, caused by a medication, defective product, or medical device.

Legal Services to Help Our Clients in State and Federal Courts

Although our law offices have defended the rights of Alabama residents in a wide variety of practice areas, Our law firm always has the same goal in mind.

Our Hamilton mass tort lawyers are no less dedicated to cases that explicitly involve a singular personal injury as opposed to mass tort injuries. We always value a personal relationship with our clients, and our work reflects that.

Some of the mass tort cases our law firm handles involve:

Defective Drugs

If you took a prescription or over-the-counter medication that caused you to be hospitalized, odds are, you aren’t alone. Prescription medications have helped advance modern medicine and prolonged the lives of several million people. More often than not, however, drug manufacturers and big pharma put their bottom line ahead of the public’s safety.

This is quite a serious issue since inadequately tested, untested, or rushed-to-market medications could have life-threatening repercussions. Just because a drug is available for use does not automatically mean it is safe.

If you experienced an adverse reaction or developed an illness or disease caused by such medication, a mass tort attorney from our Hamilton law firm will review your potential lawsuit and advise you of your legal options.

Defective Medical Devices

It is not uncommon for medical devices to be fast-tracked. This pushes brand-new products onto the market without sufficient testing. Millions of Americans are currently living with a medical device implanted in their body. These devices range from heart defibrillators and artificial joints to surgical mesh.

Even though these devices are tested for effectiveness and safety, unsafe models and dangerous parts still make it onto the open market. When this happens, victims should speak with a mass tort attorney to learn their options for pursuing financial compensation.

Other Defective Products

Some of the most frequently and commonly used products are also the most hazardous. Whether it’s a badly designed child’s toy, a faulty kitchen appliance, or a defective vehicle part, the harsh reality of the world we live in is that the dangers associated with many of the products we use every day are not obvious to consumers until it is too late.

A mass torts attorney in Hamilton at our law firm will remain attentive to your needs throughout the entire legal process. Our attorneys will help you assess your case, protect your rights, understand your options, and pursue economic recovery from those responsible.

Mass Tort Litigation and Bellwether Trials

A bellwether trial is a test claim that is designed to provide both parties and the court with details on how the mass tort litigation will progress. Defendants and plaintiffs will each select a case that they feel is representative of a major portion of claimants involved in the litigation. In many mass tort litigations, both defendants and plaintiffs will win at least one of these trials.

Bellwether trials offer answers to the numerous questions that attorneys typically have for both parties. They also get an understanding of how the jury will respond to the arguments and the evidence submitted by both sides.

While a bellwether trial can’t predict the final result of mass tort litigation, like whether or not a settlement is imminent, it can provide an idea as to how a jury might heed or disregard the strength of the claimants’ assertions.

To have a group of claims established as a mass tort, the mass tort lawyers who represent the plaintiffs must apply to state or federal court. A lawyer from our Hamilton law firm can meet with you to discuss your case at your earliest convenience. We will help you determine if it is pursuable under mass torts laws and help you resolve your legal issues.

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