Young man sits in the driver's seat in a compact car with a face mask on

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Mask While Driving Alone

By now, you’re probably aware that wearing a face mask significantly slows the transmission of the novel coronavirus, which is why it’s so important to wear one when you’re in public and around other people.

However, it’s not necessary to wear a mask every second of every day if you are not around other people. Read on to learn why it can be dangerous to wear a face mask while you’re driving alone in your car.

Spreading COVID-19

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you can catch the novel coronavirus through infected droplets lingering in the air that have been expelled from the mouth and nose of a sick person. If an infected person is wearing a mask, the droplets should not reach your breathing air because they’ll be stuck in the mask.

Luckily, the virus isn’t naturally in the air we breathe. It can only be present when infected people are.

That means if you’re driving alone or with others you are sheltering with, it is unnecessary to wear your mask while you’re in the car.

Generally, the only people who should wear masks while in the car are delivery and rideshare drivers because they consistently come in contact with other people.

Driving Disruptions

Wearing your mask needlessly while driving can cause serious disruptions which can lead to an accident if you’re not careful.

Even though it violates mask guidelines, most people adjust their masks religiously, particularly when there is not a good seal. This creates not only a manual disruption, but a cognitive one as well. The feeling of the mask disrupts your thought patterns which can cause you to adjust it, prompting a manual disruption. Doing this is just as dangerous as eating while driving, which should also be avoided.

The issue exacerbates when you’re wearing glasses. Most masks don’t fit properly or lack an adjustable nose bridge, which can cause your breath to rise through the opening and fog up your glasses. The visual distraction is annoying and unnecessarily puts you at an exceeded risk of being involved in a car accident.

Do Your Part

While it’s crucial to wear a mask in public to avoid spreading COVID-19, you don’t need to wear one when you’re the only person in the car. You aren’t any more protected from the virus, but you are more vulnerable to car accidents.

If it’s not necessary to wear a mask while you’re home alone, you don’t need to wear one while you’re alone in the car.

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