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Workers’ compensation is designed to get much-needed benefits to injured workers in Mississippi. If an accident happens at work or while you are completing a work-related duty, then you should be covered by workers’ comp. The keyword being ‘should.’ Insurance companies or your own employer might get in the way of you and your workers’ compensation benefits.

To make filing a workers’ compensation claim easier for yourself, turn to the knowledgeable and compassionate legal professionals of . Attorney Missy Wigginton, who is Mama Justice herself, leads our law firm and proudly stands up for injured people in Tupelo from all walks of life and occupations. Whether you are a grocery store clerk, dentist, police officer, librarian, or any other type of worker, we want to help you get the workers’ comp benefits you need and deserve when an injury is keeping you off your feet.

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What Benefits Can You Get from Workers’ Comp?

There are a few benefits that you might be able to use from workers’ comp:

  • Medical treatments: The most common benefit from workers’ compensation is the coverage that pays for 100% of necessary medical treatments related to a workplace injury. From emergency surgery to prescription medications, every cent of your medical care should be covered and not come out of your own pockets – that includes copays and gas to get to and from the doctor. Insurance companies can complicate matters by arguing that certain medical treatments aren’t necessary, though, which would mean they don’t have to pay for them.
  • Wage replacement: When you can’t return to work for an extended period due to your injury, you can become eligible for wage replacement benefits. Typically, an injured worker is able to collect 66-2/3% of their average weekly wages each week until they can return to work in some capacity.
  • Vocational retraining: Speaking of returning to work in a gainful capacity, you might be able to get vocational retraining benefits through workers’ compensation if you are injured in a way that prevents you from ever returning to your previous job position or something similar. Retraining benefits could include giving you the training to fulfill a new role with the same or greater salary or even paying for courses to learn an entirely separate skill.

Why Do Employers Interfere with Workers’ Comp Claims?

Workers’ compensation benefits are paid for by insurance companies, so why would some employers try to stop their workers from filing claims? The answer usually lies in insurance premiums.

An employer will have to pay higher and higher insurance premiums if they have to keep filing work injury reports with their insurers that lead to workers’ compensation claims. It is the same concept that can increase premiums for auto insurance, for example. If you get into a lot of accidents, then your monthly premiums will rise. Employers might be tempted to interfere with a claim in an attempt to save their own money on insurance costs.

Report Your Work Injury Right Away

A good way to strengthen your claim and make it more difficult for your employer or an insurance company to interfere with your workers’ compensation benefits is to notify your employer about your accident right away. In Mississippi, you must report your workplace injury within 30 days of it occurring, but you should not wait that entire time. Try to tell your supervisor or employer about your accident the same day it happens or at least the next day while details are still fresh in your mind.

Worker Rights Are For Everyone!

Don’t let your workers’ compensation benefits go unused or denied because an employer or insurer told you that you don’t get any. Make certain you are doing all you can to get all you can by teaming up with the Mama Justice workers’ compensation attorneys in Tupelo. We swing for the fences whenever we represent a hardworking local who has been injured in a workplace accident. Even if it was your own mistake that caused your injury, you deserve workers’ compensation, and we can fight for every penny of it!

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