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Florence Workers Comp Attorneys

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may be entitled to compensation and benefits to help you recover. Contact our Florence workers’ comp attorneys at Mama Justice today to help with your case!

Every year, more than 33,800 people suffer non-fatal workplace injuries or illnesses in the state of Alabama. These incidents often force victims out of work and require them to undergo extensive medical care. Dealing with a workplace injury is not only physically exhausting, but the mental and emotional impacts are significant as well.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, those harmed may be able to recover compensation and other relief under workers’ compensation laws in Alabama.

If you are interested in pursuing a workers’ compensation case following an accident on-the-job, our Florence workers’ comp lawyers at Mama Justice are here for you.

Over the years, we have helped numerous injured workers get the medical treatment they need, lost wages, and various other benefits after being harmed at work. We provide exceptional legal services that you can depend on to protect your legal rights.

If you are interested in pursuing an Alabama workers’ compensation claim, contact our law firm today to get started.

Workers Compensation Laws in Alabama

Under state law, if you suffered an on-the-job injury, you may have legal options available to help cover the lost wages you endure as well as various other benefits.

In general, the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act states that employers who have at least five full or part-time employees must provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage in case people are harmed during the course of their employment as well as those who have developed an occupational disease.

These laws generally do not provide coverage to farm laborers, domestic workers, or workers who are hired outside the usual course of business. However, employers are able to purchase policies to cover these employees if they choose to, but they are not required to do so by law.

In Alabama, workers’ compensation operates on a no-fault system. As a result, insurance can provide a remedy to employees who are harmed within the scope of their employment. Employees do not need to establish that their employer was responsible for the resulting injury or damages.

Workers’ compensation claims can help to ensure you receive everything that you are entitled to after your accident. Seek the assistance of our Florence workers’ compensation attorney at Mama Justice to get started on your case.

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