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Motorcyclists are often presented as thrill-seekers who recklessly weave around traffic. Some insurance companies perpetuate this stereotype to make it easier for them to deny motorcycle accident claims that come their way. If it wasn’t for tenacious law firms like Mama Justice – MW Law Firm then they might just get away with it, too.

Mama Justice is here to fight for your rights as an injured motorcyclist who was hit by a driver in Oxford. You deserve compassionate and effective legal representation, just like any other motorist on the road. We’re here to deliver to all your expectations and then some.

What Other Drivers Do to Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents are not caused by a reckless rider. Instead, a negligent driver who is not paying enough attention is the root cause of thousands of motorcycle accidents each year. We want to investigate your case as much as we can to find a way to prove that the other motorist was the cause of it.

Drivers can cause a motorcycle accident if they:

  • Don’t check before turning: Drivers who turn left in front of an approaching motorcycle are menaces to riders everywhere. Drivers usually look for two headlights on opposing lanes of traffic. Seeing a motorcycle with one headlight can cause the driver to effectively “look right through” it.
  • Merge without checking mirrors: Lane changes and merges can be dangerous when a driver has not paid enough attention to their surroundings for smaller motorcycles that can more easily disappear in a blind spot.
  • Speed: Speeding drivers are a danger to motorcyclists stopped at red light intersections. It can be difficult to notice a stopped motorcycle, so drivers assume they have more stopping room than they actually do.

Other Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents do not always involve a reckless driver. As you might know already, some are caused by other outside forces and acts of negligence.

We can help you if your motorcycle accident was caused by:

  • Motorcycle defect: A defective motorcycle part can be the one thing that causes a wipe-out. Brake and tire issues are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists who can lose balance in an instant if there is a problem with these parts.
  • Poor road conditions: Hitting a pothole or riding over loose debris in the road can be enough to cause a motorcycle accident. The municipality in charge of maintaining safe roads could be liable for your damages if the argument can be made that they were negligent in this duty.

How to Limit Your Liability for a Crash

Your liability for a motorcycle accident should be reduced if you were wearing your helmet and were not lane-splitting at the time of the crash. Helmet cam footage can prove that you were adhering to both of these rules for the road. Let our team know if such footage exists.

You can also reduce your liability for your injuries if you see a doctor immediately after being in a crash. Letting your injuries go untreated for days will give the defending insurance company a chance to say that your injuries have been exaggerated or were caused by an accident other than the motorcycle crash in question.

Attorney Missy Wigginton is Your Lady for Justice

Mama Justice is the law firm you can count on when the going gets tough and you get into a motorcycle accident. Led by Attorney Missy Wigginton, Mama Justice herself, we are known for balancing professionalism with genuine compassion and care that you come to expect here in Mississippi. Even if we’ve never met you before, we already count you as family, and that’s just how we’re going to approach your case.

Talk to our Oxford motorcycle accident attorneys by dialing (888) 484-1476.

Put a Trusted & Experienced Team on Your Side

When you meet with our Mississippi car accident lawyers, we will explain what is possible in your case and how we can move forward. We have a long track record of successfully negotiating favorable settlements for our clients. Our attorneys are tenacious and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for you.

Reach out to us today to talk about the accident, your injuries, and any problems you have had with an insurance company. Here at Mama Justice – MW Law Firm, we listen and we are on your side. Our firm helps people in the Mississippi area and in communities across Western Tennessee.

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