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Decatur, Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

After sustaining a personal injury in the workplace, most people endure significant injuries that leave them unable to work. This quickly leads to lost wages and unpaid medical bills. To recover some of their lost earnings and other damages, injured workers are entitled to claim workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation law states that the coverage it provides is designed to give workers who have been injured on the job with a portion of their salary and coverage for their medical expenses while they recuperate.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you are having issues collecting your valid workers’ compensation benefits after a personal injury, a workers’ compensation attorneys can help you remedy the situation. At Mama Justice, our Decatur workers’ comp attorneys will protect your rights by unmasking many underhanded techniques insurers use to avoid making payouts in favor of protecting their bottom line.

How Does a Workers’ Compensation Claim Work?

When a worker is injured at their place of employment, they may be eligible to receive compensation for their lost wages and medical expenses that occur as they recover from their injury. To collect workers’ compensation, you must file a workers’ compensation claim and satisfy the specific criteria set forth by the Alabama Department of Labor before you can be approved.

Once your claim is confirmed, you will receive a portion of your workers’ compensation benefits. If your claim is rejected, you can reach out to an attorney who can help you get workers’ compensation for your workplace injuries in Decatur, AL. Although employers and insurance companies frequently make this process more complicated than it needs to be, an attorney with decades of experience handling workers’ compensation claims can help you take action and successfully resolve any problems.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Decatur, AL

For most people, filling out forms and filing paperwork is not their top priority after a severe workplace injury, but it is essential to meet all deadlines and follow specific rules for your workers’ compensation claim to be filed appropriately. Contact our Decatur workers’ compensation lawyers as soon as possible.

Report a Workplace Injury

Regardless of whether a worker was injured after falling from a height or in a slip-and-fall accident, you must report any personal injury to your employer immediately. In Alabama, the statute of limitations to apply for compensation for a workplace injury is two years from the cause of action. Although two years certainly sounds like a long time, reporting your injury as soon as it happens can have a significant impact on your case later on.

Seek Medical Care

Immediately following an injury at work, you should seek medical attention. This will ensure you receive any medical care and act as a record of evidence. According to the Alabama Department of Labor, you need to ask your supervisor or employer which hospital or physician you should go to, and then make sure you visit that specific office or facility for your treatment.

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