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Hamilton, Alabama Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Have you sustained injuries while working? Contact the Hamilton workers’ comp attorneys at Mama Justice to learn more about your legal rights.

You may apply for workers’ compensation benefits when you are injured on the job. These benefits help you pay bills while you recover from your workplace injuries. Sometimes, however, an application is denied, or your benefits end before you fully recover.

If you need help claiming your Alabama workers’ compensation benefits, an attorney from Mama Justice can help.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a state-run program that supplies benefits to workers injured at their place of employment. Each state has its own version of the program, and although the rules may vary, the basic structure is quite similar.

Generally speaking, employers are mandated to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This covers their liability if a worker is diagnosed with an occupational disease or injured on the job.

The program was designed to act as an unspoken agreement between workers and employers. Employees are provided with a no-fault benefit program that covers their medical costs and a partial wage replacement benefit if they sustain an injury that causes them to miss more than two days of work.

In exchange, employees are prohibited from suing their employer for a workplace injury, even if it resulted from their employer’s negligence.

What Should I Do if I Am Injured on the Job?

After being hurt at work, it is essential that you take the following actions:

  • Get prompt medical attention
  • Report the injury right away by giving your supervisor or someone in a supervisory position a written notice within five days
  • Ask your employer, manager, or supervisor for a list of approved doctors who can treat your injury

Failing to report your injuries on time properly could affect your ability to collect workers’ comp benefits. Your employer is not required to cover the costs of your injury-related medical care or a portion of your income until you provide formal notice of your accident and a referral to an authorized physician.

We also strongly recommend hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Hamilton to protect your interests and walk you through the claims process, part of which is dealing with insurance companies that will do whatever they can to ensure you receive the lowest possible payout.

Your employer’s Alabama workers’ comp carrier has a vested financial interest in denying your claim. You need someone who can get through the red tape and reclaim your benefits immediately. We help injured workers collect the benefits the law entitles them to for their injuries. Contact the reputable Alabama workers’ comp lawyers Mama Justice today.

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