Hi, I’m Kristi. My favorite part of my job is knowing that I have been able to help others and give back to those around me. I chose personal injury law because of a motor vehicle accident I had a few years ago: In 2017, I was rear-ended and didn’t realize at that moment exactly how hurt I was. The only thing I was worried about at the time was the damage to my car. I asked myself what I was going to do after my motor vehicle accident, but didn’t listen to my body, nor my husband, who encouraged me to call a lawyer. I wish I had heeded his advice and understood more about the long-term effects of my injury. I regularly tell clients that if I had known then what I know now, I would have received a larger settlement and proper treatment for my injury. Instead, I suffer from the consequences of my accident every single day. I was born and raised in Amory, MS. I graduated from Hatley High School in 2001, attended ICC, and received my certification in Accounting Fundamentals I and II. Outside of work, I am a single mother of two children, Hayden and Abbye Smith. They are very active in sports and keep me busy from one field to the next. I am the manager of my daughter’s softball team and assist my son’s school during sporting events. To relax, I love to read and love to watch sports, especially Mississippi State – Hail State! For help with your case, call Mama Justice, at (833) 626-2587 or schedule a free consultation online.

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