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Delivery Truck Collisions: Dealing with the Aftermath

Delivery Truck Collisions: Dealing with the Aftermath

There’s no question that delivery truck drivers are busy and tend to be on a strict time crunch to get all packages delivered on time. The hope is that they are safe and responsible drivers, but just like with any other driver on the road, that isn’t always the case. This is why it’s not unheard of for drivers to find themselves in an accident with a delivery truck. If this sounds familiar, or you just like to be prepared for the unexpected, then it’s wise to read about these important steps to take in the aftermath.

Call the Police After the Accident and Get an Official Report

The first thing to do after being involved in a delivery truck collision is to call the police to the scene. They will be able to assist and also create an official accident report. This will be a vital piece of evidence in a personal injury case.

Besides the police, you’ll also need assistance from paramedics to assess your injuries and potentially transport you to the hospital.

Keep Track of All Medical Expenses

Careful record keeping will be necessary, as you want to be sure that if you’re asking for compensation, it covers all your current and future medical expenses related to injuries sustained in the accident. You can even create a file of expenses, including all receipts and information.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, there may be a lot more included than just your initial visit to the emergency care clinic or hospital.

Don’t Push Yourself to Recover Quickly

One thing that people can be guilty of is pushing themselves too far and too fast when it comes to recovery. You want to heal, and that’s normal, but it takes time. Pushing yourself too much can lead to setbacks and even new injuries and issues. If you are trying to cope with a traumatic brain injury for example, recovery takes a long time. Follow the doctor’s treatment plan and show yourself patience and grace.

Proving the Driver Was Negligent Isn’t Easy on Your Own

The final tip is to not assume you can do things on your own. If you want to file a personal injury claim against the negligent party, then it will be on you to prove they were at fault. This requires the gathering of evidence and an in-depth understanding of how the law works. There are a handful of common causes when it comes to car accidents, and the delivery driver could be guilty of one.

It’s for these reasons you’ll want to contact us at Mama Justice, as we have plenty of experience dealing with personal injury claims where a motor vehicle was involved.

We’ll talk to you about how we would approach your case, and what the outcome could be, and we will ensure all necessary evidence is gathered.

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