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Truck Accidents and Environmental Consequences: Assessing the Damage

Truck Accidents and Environmental Consequences: Assessing the Damage

The transportation industry in the US accounts for around 29% of all greenhouse gases (GHG), making it the highest contributor. The main reason for this is that the majority of vehicles on the road are over 11 years old, meaning they don’t have modern energy-efficient features. The same goes for trucks, which can document over 100,000 miles annually. This already has a detrimental impact on the environment, and it only gets worse when you factor in some of the loads including gasoline. When these types of trucks crash, the impact on the environment can be deadly.

Toxic Fumes

Trucks are responsible for transporting a range of volatile and flammable substances including gases, liquids, infectious substances, radioactive material, and other dangerous goods. When these are contained in storage, they’re safe for transport and cause no more harm to the environment than a truck carrying furniture. However, if one of these trucks is involved in an accident, the consequences can be deadly.

The crash site will become engulfed in fire, which will likely increase the death toll. Additionally, the fumes can release harmful toxins into the air, which can damage the lungs of those around them. In some cases, authorities are forced to order local residents to stay inside.

If you or a loved one suffers toxic poisoning following a truck accident, you may have a compensation case on your hands.

Landscape Damage

Truck accidents may start on the road. However, the resulting carnage can spread onto neighboring land and cause significant damage. If trees are hit by the body of trucks or other vehicles, it can have a lasting impact that harms the environment.

Cosmetic damage to landscape aside, truck accidents can lead to fuel leaks, which may get into the soil and contaminate water supplies. If this happens, entire neighborhoods can be drinking poisoned water that would make them ill. If these medical circumstances were traced back to the logistics company and there was negligence at play, the result would likely be a class action.

Fuel Use to Clear Wreckages

The immediate environmental impacts of a truck accident have already been covered, but there are also residual effects. For example, the wreckage left behind needs to be cleared up by someone. In most cases, this will include the use of heavy machinery, fire trucks, recovery trucks, and other first-response vehicles. Even though these people are there to help, their vehicles will be releasing greenhouse gases into the environment, which only makes the case for global warming much worse.

Environmental Costs of Vehicle Repairs

The most obvious sign of auto accident damage is cosmetic damage to vehicles, which often needs repairing at the expense of insurance companies. However, aside from the physical costs of repairs, there’s an environmental cost to be paid for as well. For example, auto repair shops will use potentially toxic machinery to get the job done.

Even though clear efforts have been made to make vehicle repairs more energy efficient, by switching to electrical machinery, there’s still unnecessary environmental damage that could be avoided if all drivers took more care on the roads.

Issues Around Landfill

Some vehicles go on to be repaired after a collision. However, there are many that are completely written off. There are parts of a vehicle that can be salvaged and used in other areas, but the majority are useless and sent to a landfill where they take thousands of years to decompose. As well as this, some parts can be left at the crash site, especially if they were flung into woodlands. When this happens, they can cause damage to water, soil, air, plants, and animals.

Damage to Roads

Auto accidents can sometimes be so devastating they leave behind cosmetic damage to the road. Unfortunately, these will need to be repaired to ensure it’s safe to traverse. These types of repairs can cause lasting damage to the environment, especially when you consider the amount of fuel emissions. As well as this, the tarmac used to build roads can be harmful to the environment including the release of harmful gases.

Truck accidents can be deadly to all involved, but they also have a wider impact on the environment. In some cases, spills from trucks can poison nearby residents and leave them with lasting medical conditions.

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