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Why Workplace Accidents Can Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Why Workplace Accidents Can Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The workplace can be a stressful environment, but with that said, it can also be a dangerous environment. While some are known to be more dangerous than others, accidents can happen, and they can lead to traumatic consequences. Unfortunately, according to statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC), workplace accidents are on the rise, as is the number of preventable fatal injuries. These aren’t the kind of statistics people want to hear and yet it’s important to be informed.

Curious as to why these workplace accidents can lead to wrongful death lawsuits? How does one result in the other? Here’s an in-depth look.

I Thought Workplaces Had to Follow Safety Guidelines?

People can often be left confused and angry when a loved one suffers an accident in a workplace that results in death. The belief is that this is why safety guidelines, restrictions and rules exist, i.e., to protect workers. And while all of that is true, it leaves a lot of room for error.

Accidents in the workplace can often be attributed to negligence. It could be negligence by a person or the company as a whole. Perhaps they aren’t properly following the safety rules, maybe there was a lack of training provided, the essential safety tools and equipment weren’t on-hand, and so many other factors.

Workplace safety rules have provided much safer workspaces in general, but sometimes it’s just not enough. And if it’s not followed to the letter, then the rules can’t be effective.

Are Some Industries Less Safe Than Others?

Another factor that can play into wrongful death in the workplace is the actual industry. Some industries are known to be more dangerous than others. These tend to result in more workplace accidents, injuries, and yes, even workplace fatalities.

Top of the list for the most preventable fatal work injuries is the construction industry. This industry deals with plenty of heavy equipment, dangerous tools and machines, and job sites can be massive, with a lot of things going on at once. Following in at a close second are the transportation and warehousing industries, which share many of the same hazards as the construction industry. Other industries that are known for being potentially dangerous are agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, manufacturing, and even professional and business services.

The simple fact is that workplace accidents can happen in any industry, which is why it’s so important that companies follow guidelines and rules to create a safe workplace for all.

Why Would a Loved One File a Lawsuit?

You may also wonder what would prompt a loved one to file a lawsuit after a wrongful death in the workplace. There are lots of reasons behind it, but being fairly compensated is one, as is setting the bar and making sure the negligent party is brought to justice and therefore changes occur in that particular workplace. If it happened once, there’s nothing to say it won’t happen again if changes aren’t made.

It’s important to check the law in your state, but typically, the only person who can file a wrongful death lawsuit is someone who had a close relationship as well as a financial relationship with the person who has passed.

How to Go About Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If you are currently dealing with the loss of a loved one and believe it was due to wrongful actions, recklessness or carelessness by someone else, then it’s best to contact an experienced attorney immediately. They can speak with you about your situation and let you know if you’ve got a valid wrongful death case that warrants filing a claim.

It’s important to provide the attorney with as much information, including any supporting documentation as possible. This helps to build a stronger case by providing the proof needed. Documentation can include things such as a police report, medical records, witness statements and so forth. Your lawyer can also speak to you about compensation, helping guide you to figure out what is a fair and reasonable amount to ask for.

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