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When many people are hurt by someone’s mistakes and all in similar ways, it might be time to start a mass tort. The purpose of a mass tort is to make it simpler for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people to seek justice and compensation from the same defendant. Although, there is nothing that guarantees the legal process of a mass tort will be one you’ll want to go through alone. If you think you have grounds to file a lawsuit as part of a mass tort, call (833) 626-2587 and talk with an Oxford mass tort lawyer from Mama Justice – MW Law Firm. Thanks to our 40+ years of collective legal experience, we are more than capable of handling mass tort cases and class action lawsuits. Let us know how you were hurt, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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Basics of a Mass Tort

Mass torts are used when numerous people need to file a claim against the same defendant but for not-identical reasons. For example, a dangerous household cleaner product causes hundreds of people across the country to experience various forms of cancers and chronic diseases. In that case, a mass tort, not a class action, could be justified because all the claimants were hurt by the same product but suffered different injuries.

A bellwether trial might be used to determine the validity of the overall concept behind the lawsuits to form the mass tort. If the bellwether trial is successful, then a judge can approve the cases to be formed into a mass tort. At that point, plaintiffs can start filing their own claims with local attorneys, wherever they live.

A few key benefits of a mass tort are that your:

  • Claim can win against the defendant even if all others lose.
  • Mass tort attorneys can team up with other attorneys handling cases that are part of the same mass tort, which usually means sharing evidence and research.
  • Legal expenses in a mass tort are usually lower than they would be in an individual lawsuit because the costs can be divided among all plaintiffs.
  • Case should progress without court delays because no single court will be overwhelmed with dozens of cases at once.

Mass Torts in the News

Most mass torts are formed after a defective product hurts multiple parties. Mama Justice and our Oxford mass tort attorneys can work on all types of mass tort cases, but we are usually called upon for defective product mass torts for this reason. If you were hurt recently by a dangerously defective product, then let us know about it. You could have a case that can be part of a mass tort without knowing it.

You might have seen recent news headlines about mass torts involving:

  • Mesothelioma: When microscopic asbestos fibers are inhaled, it can cause the rare lung disease mesothelioma. There have been many mass torts throughout the years against companies that use asbestos products, especially construction companies that build commercial properties with asbestos insulation.
  • Hernia mesh devices: To stop hernias from forming after surgeries or to correct a preexisting hernia, surgeons can implant a hernia mesh device. However, many hernia mesh devices have been in the news lately due to their inordinately high failure rates. A hernia mesh device failure can cause a patient to suffer internal bleeding and the complications of corrective surgeries.
  • Roundup® herbicide: Roundup® weed killer has been deemed a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other safety groups. People who have used it for years have a higher-than-normal risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, studies show.
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