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Missy Wigginton

Hello friends and family, I am Missy Wigginton, also known as Mama Justice. When meeting me, some people ask me how I got my name....

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Hattiesburg Mass Tort Lawyer

In need of a mass tort lawyer in Hattiesburg? Contact Mama Justice now.

Companies that offer products and services to consumers are supposed to do so with a high degree of consideration for their safety. When business corporations put profits ahead of the health and welfare of their consumers, they cause enormous pain and hardship. When the same defective product causes injuries to multiple consumers, these cases are called mass torts.

If you were injured because of a defective product, or a specific event, others might have sustained similar injuries. If this is the case, you may be able to file a lawsuit. In some cases, multiple claimants may all be able to file claims for damages. If you are in this situation, you should immediately contact a Hattiesburg mass torts lawyer at our Mississippi law firm, Mama Justice.

The experienced attorneys at Mama Justice have several years of experience handling mass tort cases for injury clients and know how to assert your rights if you have been harmed. Our knowledgeable mass torts attorneys will assess your legal issue and determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

At Mama Justice, we offer a free case evaluation for all claimants before helping them file a personal injury case against the at-fault party, potentially leading to financial compensation for you and other injured individuals. Schedule a free consultation with our mass torts attorneys at Mama Justice today so we can begin to create your case and fight for justice.

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