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Memphis Mass Tort Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a medication, medical device, or another product, reach out to the mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice Law Firm to learn what options you may have. You may be entitled to financial compensation.

Not a year goes by where people in the United States aren’t negatively impacted by prescription drugs, faulty medical devices, and other dangerous products. In Memphis and throughout Shelby County, many victims each year suffer lasting health impacts due to products that were originally advertised as harmless or even beneficial to the consumer. At times, sadly, these health impacts even turn fatal.

If you believe that you’ve been negatively impacted by a product that turned out to be dangerous, it’s important to contact legal counsel to see what options you have. Seeking fair compensation through a mass tort lawsuit at Mama Justice may be beneficial to you.

As an individual, it can be intimidating to go up against the massive corporations that produce dangerous products. Still, you shouldn’t have to suffer – physically, emotionally, or financially – as a result of their negligent actions. You aren’t alone.

If you’ve been impacted by a medical prescription, faulty medical device, or other product, our Memphis mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice may be able to help you get the financial compensation you deserve. Contact us today at (833) 626-2587 to learn more.

What is a Mass Tort Lawsuit, and How Does it Differ From a Class Action Lawsuit?

What exactly is a mass tort lawsuit? A tort is a legal issue broadly defined as an act that results in injury or harm to another. Therefore, a mass tort is an act that results in injury or harm to multiple people or the masses.

Mass tort lawsuits are similar to class action lawsuits in that multiple plaintiffs – usually a large group – are looking to recover damages from the same defendant. For example, the plaintiff might be a consumer of medicine, and the defendant could be the corporation that produced the medicine that caused the injuries. There are some key distinctions, however, between a class action and a mass tort lawsuit:

Class Action Lawsuit: In class action lawsuits, a large number of plaintiffs who were impacted by, for example, a faulty medical device are typically represented by one individual or a small group. Each person in a class action was injured or damaged in similar ways by the product. However, each plaintiff is not required to prove individual damages but is instead part of the collective class. If a class-action lawsuit is won, all members will equally distribute financial compensation and legal expenses.

Mass Tort Lawsuit: One key distinction in a mass tort lawsuit compared to class actions is that each plaintiff is still represented as an individual case, meaning that each person impacted by the product would receive an individualized settlement or verdict. This means that in a mass tort lawsuit, the rewarded compensation to cover, for example, medical expenses, would be equal to the cost for your circumstance. In addition, mass tort lawsuits allow for both individual and shared evidence from other cases where plaintiffs were harmed similarly.

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