Elmiron Lawsuits

The mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice help victims in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee protect their legal rights after being harmed as a result of using Elmiron.

For nearly thirty years, patients who suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC) have relied on Elmiron to provide them relief. Without effective treatment, this condition can be debilitating and painful for patients. Although Elmiron does provide relief for sufferers, it was later found to cause a serious eye condition called maculopathy.

Despite growing evidence that supports these findings, Janssen Pharmaceutical, who manufactures the medication, failed to adequately alert the public of the possible dangers associated with the use of the medication.

If you or a loved one took the prescription drug Elmiron, and subsequently experienced maculopathy or another vision problem, you may have legal options available to help you get justice. Contact our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice to schedule a free case review with our law firm to discuss the legal options available for you.

What is Elmiron?

The medication Elmiron was first offered on the market in 1996. This medication was provided to patients who suffer from Interstitial Cystitis to help improve the bladder and pelvic pain associated with their condition. The majority of patients are prescribed to take three 100 mg doses each day for at least one month. However, many patients do not experience relief until six or nine months of use. In some cases, patients can take up to 1500 mg to help alleviate severe flares.

Problems with Elmiron

In 2015, a group of patients began experiencing vision problems and developed maculopathy. Researchers studied the patients and found that they were all using Elmiron to treat IC. In 2018 and 2019, further studies were conducted around these findings. Even after mounting evidence presented throughout the study of these and other patients, the manufacturer of the medication has failed to list maculopathy as a potential side effect of using the medication. As a result, thousands of people are at risk of being injured.

Over the years, various studies have further supported the findings that patients who take Elmiron are likely to suffer severe vision consequences from the medication. This is particularly true for patients who take high doses of the drug. The most commonly reported condition patients develop is Maculopathy. This retinal disease is the leading cause of blindness across the United States.

Some of the early symptoms associated with Maculopathy include:

  • Difficulty seeing objects close up
  • Vision that becomes dim
  • Dullness of color
  • Dark spots in the field of vision
  • The loss of peripheral vision
  • The loss of night vision
  • An inability for the eyes to adjust to the dark
  • Straight lines appear to be curved
  • Experience blurred vision and other problems while trying to read

Patients who take Elmiron are now recommended by medical experts to have an ophthalmic exam performed in order to detect maculopathy early on. If you have experienced these or other side effects of the drug Elmiron, you may have legal options available to help you get justice.