3M Earplug Lawsuit

If you or a loved one is a veteran who has suffered hearing loss due to defective earplugs, the mass tort attorneys at Mama Justice can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Over the past decade, we have seen more and more soldiers come forward after being harmed as a result of using 3M earplugs during combat. At this time, our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice are scheduling interviews with prospective clients in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee who have suffered hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of using these earplugs. If you have been affected by the use of 3M earplugs, contact our law firm as soon as possible to schedule a free case evaluation with our team and discuss the legal options available for you.

What is a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

Victims who suffered as a result of using 3M earplugs are able to reach out to Mama Justice to get started on filing a mass tort lawsuit. These lawsuits allow several victims who suffered similar consequences from using the product to band together to take legal action against the negligent manufacturer. Unlike class action lawsuits, mass tort claims allow each victim to recover their actual damages. These lawsuits allow victims to get justice while recovering compensation to alleviate the economic and non-economic damages they face moving forward.

What is the 3M Lawsuit?

Industrial giant 3M admitted recently that they have been selling defective earplugs to the United States Military for more than a decade. The Combat Arms Earplugs provided by 3M were some of the most popular and most widely used earplugs offered on the market for soldiers to use during combat.

Between 2002 and 2015, these earplugs were standard issue safety equipment to all branches of the United States Armed Forces. The particular earplugs that were provided to soldiers during war in Afghanistan and Iraq were designed to allow soldiers to listen to commands from their superiors while providing the benefit of blocking out explosions and other loud sounds.

However, it was discovered that the earplugs had a symmetrical design, which prevented them from properly sealing. As a result, loud sounds were able to enter into and penetrate the ear drums, resulting in severe damage. Many soldiers began to experience hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of their use. In some cases, the ringing in the ears is so severe that it nearly impairs the hearing of sufferers entirely.

Throughout the duration of using the earplugs provided by 3M, the company was aware of the issue and failed to act to prevent further injuries. Our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice are working on behalf of combat veterans who suffered as a result of using these earplugs.