Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Talcum Powder Lawsuit

The mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice help victims in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee protect their legal rights after being diagnosed with cancer following the use of Talcum powder.

Although talcum powder products have been used for decades by women for their own personal use and on babies, studies have found dangerous links between the products and the development of various forms of cancer.

If you or a loved one used talcum powder and were subsequently diagnosed with cancer, you may have legal options available to help you get justice. Contact our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice to schedule a free case review with our law firm to discuss the legal options available for you.

The Dangers of Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is a product that has been used by women across the globe for decades. This product is created with the ingredient talc. Talk is an extremely soft and naturally occurring mineral. This mineral is made of silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. Once talc is mined and processed, it is ground into a fine powder that is utilized in several cosmetic products offered across the United States.

Since 1971, more than twenty scientific studies have linked the use of talcum powder to the development of ovarian cancer. In 2003, more than 16 of these studies concluded that women who used talcum powder were 33% more likely to develop ovarian cancer when compared to those who never used these products. The manufacturer of the products has known about the risks associated with the use of these products since at least 1982.

For more than four decades, it is believed that Johnson & Johnson was well aware of the potential dangers associated with the use of their products. However, they failed to adequately inform consumers of the potential risks. Furthermore, it is alleged that the company was aware of the issues associated with talc-based products they offered and failed to take action to notify consumers and/or stop the products from entering the market.

What is the Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

Talcum powder lawsuits are currently being filed by women across the United States who have suffered irreversible damages due to the use of talcum powder. These lawsuits focus on victims who have developed cancer due to using talcum powder products offered by the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

As a result of the manufacturer’s failure to take action, tens of thousands of people were potentially exposed to this harmful product. In May 2020, Johnson & Johnson announced that it would remove its talc-based baby powder from the market in the United States and Canada. This decision was made after several lawsuits were filed surrounding the use of the product and its link to users developing cancer.

Currently, more than 36,000 lawsuits surrounding asbestos contamination of talc products have been filed in courts across the country. Our lawyers are committed to helping victims in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee who have been diagnosed with cancer following the use of talcum powder products get justice. Our Jackson mass tort lawyers offer free consultations so we can discuss the circumstances surrounding your case and the legal options available for you.

Types of Lawsuits Currently Being Filed by Victims

There are several people who have joined in the filing of a massive class-action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson as a result of the pain and suffering this company has negligently inflicted upon tens of thousands of people spanning over four decades. People who join in on the class-action lawsuit are able to pursue compensation for the cost of the product, regardless of whether or not they were diagnosed with cancer.

However, there are also several victims who took it upon themselves to file their own separate lawsuits surrounding their personal situations. These lawsuits allow victims to recover compensation for the damages they have personally experienced as a result of using these products.

Our personal injury lawyers at Mama Justice are able to fight on your behalf to get justice for your pain and suffering and to help alleviate the towering financial burdens you and your family faces. Our mass tort lawyers can help you with filing a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson so you can hold them to account.

How a Talcum Powder Lawsuit Can Help You

If you were diagnosed with cancer following the use of talcum powder, or your loved one has lost their life due to cancer linked to talcum powder use, you may have legal options available to you moving forward. Our Jackson mass tort attorneys can help you pursue legal action against the negligent manufacturer in order to help to recover the financial compensation you need to cover the damages you face moving forward.

Some of the damages our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice can help you obtain compensation for include:

  • Lost wages
  • Immediate medical expenses
  • Long-term care costs
  • Disfigurements and permanent scarring
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost earnings if you have been forced out of work indefinitely

If you have been negatively affected by the use of talcum powder, contact our law firm at your earliest convenience to see how we can help you.

Our Mass Tort Lawyers at Mama Justice Can Help You

Many people use talcum powder due to its exceptional ability to absorb moisture and keep users feeling dry and fresh. However, thousands of people are being harmed by the brands they know and trust. Our mass tort lawyers in Jackson understand the negative impacts of being diagnosed with cancer or another illness due to the use of talcum powder. For this reason, our law firm is dedicated to helping you and your family get justice.

Over the years, our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice have continued to provide high-quality representation for families in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee who have been harmed or have lost loved ones due to developing cancer following the use of talcum powder. If you have suffered serious negative effects as a result of using this product, our lawyers can help you get justice. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to all prospective clients so we can discuss your case at no cost to you. Contact our Jackson personal injury law firm today by calling (888) 484-1476.

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