Although I may be a recent employee of Mama Justice Law Firm, I am not new to personal injury as I have used Mama Justice for 3 different Motor Vehicle Accidents. The reason I decided to join the Mama Justice team is because I am passionate about injuries being treated properly and compensated accordingly. From personal experience, I have learned injuries may not occur immediately after an accident and unfortunately, may not be treated properly. My goal is to make sure clients are treated properly and compensated accordingly, so that they may resume a positive quality of life post-injury.

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi in 2017. With my major being in Neuroscience, I focused on Neuro Research, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Right Hemisphere Damage (RHD) (to name a few). I am well-educated on different types of brain damage, rehabilitation, and loss of quality of life for patients, family, and caretakers following TBI.

Following my studies at Ole Miss, I continued my education at Medical Sales College (MSC) where I graduated 2nd in my class. At MSC I specialized in Trauma, Orthopedic Reconstruction, and Extremities, where I received a more in-depth education on bodily injuries. I learned valuable knowledge about the different types of surgeries, treatments, and rehabilitations required for the different types of fractures and traumas experienced.

My purpose at Mama Justice is to provide my expertise on your injuries so that you are treated properly, compensated accordingly, and can resume a positive quality of life post-injury. I hope you put your faith in Mama Justice, as I once had, to guarantee the best outcomes for your personal injury case!

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