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How Homeowners Can Prevent Premises Liability Claims

How Homeowners Can Prevent Premises Liability Claims

Are you the type of person who loves inviting people to your home? Are you seen as the entertainer in your group of friends, and the person who hosts all the parties? Maybe it is family gatherings that are your specialty. Whatever the reason and whoever the guests are, the idea is that people feel welcome in your home and have a great time. So, what you don’t count on is your home being the center of a premises liability claim.

Conduct Maintenance to Ensure the Property Remains Safe

The first tip is to regularly perform maintenance and/or repairs on the property that ensures it stays safe. This means eliminating tripping hazards, making sure the premises are well-lit, making sure doors/gates work properly, and so forth. These are just the normal wear and tear repairs and replacements any home requires.

Make Sure Walkways are Kept Safe and Clear

While you’re performing maintenance around the property, this is the perfect opportunity to clear debris and clutter from walkways. You don’t want to create any potential trip and fall accidents. And it’s not just exterior walkways; the same practice should be used indoors, making sure you get rid of clutter and clean up spills immediately.

Consider Using Monitoring Cameras

Because you want to be sure you are well-protected should someone file a premises liability claim, it’s also smart to install monitoring cameras indoors and outdoors. These cameras can provide video evidence should it be needed.

Remove Items That Can Be Used to Climb Fencing

Here’s a tip that even keen-eyed homeowners may overlook. If you have any items near a gate or fence that can be used to assist a person in climbing, they need to be removed. You don’t want someone falling and getting injured in an attempt to climb the gate or fence.

What If You Are Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

It’s one thing to know the measures to take for your home to be safe and prevent premises liability claims, but that doesn’t mean everyone is doing the same. What if you visit a friend, family member or acquaintance and suffer a personal injury on their property? Immediate medical attention should be sought after the injury so you can be attended to. But at that point, the question is, what’s your next step?

We invite you to contact us at Mama Justice where we are well-versed in premises liability claims. We can talk to you about your potential claim and help you figure out what a fair and reasonable rate of compensation would be. Remember, medical bills add up fast and you may also be dealing with a temporary or permanent loss of work, depending on the injuries.

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