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What Happens if You’re Hit by a Drunk DHL Driver?

What Happens if You’re Hit by a Drunk DHL Driver?

DHL is a prominent force in the delivery sector across the United States. There are thousands of drivers making deliveries and pick-ups every day, and it is therefore not uncommon to find that there are also thousands of related accidents. If you have been hit by a drunk driver working for DHL, this can have major consequences on your life and well-being. Find the best path to take by reading through the advice below.

Why Drunk Driving Behind a DHL Truck Wheel Is So Dangerous

It is not a smart move for anyone to get behind the wheel of any vehicle while inebriated. However, for a DHL driver in charge of a bigger truck, it becomes even more serious. Not only are they neglecting their duty of care to pedestrians and road users, but they are also putting lives at risk by doing so. Drunk driving makes it difficult to manage and control a vehicle of any capacity, after all.

The Places They Drive

A delivery driver will always be found in highly populated areas. There are hundreds out and about in your local area each day, and that means they are exposed to pedestrians, cyclists, children playing on the street, and more. Being drunk makes it harder to navigate safely and leaves room for careless mistakes to be made. They are more likely to hit someone or something and cause significant consequences.

The Size of the Vehicle

Given that these operators have hundreds of parcels to deliver during each shift, they are likely to be driving larger vehicles like trucks. These are always more dangerous because they have blind spots, are heavier, and take longer to stop. Alongside this, factors like maneuvering are more difficult too. If you throw alcohol into the mix, all of these risks are immediately heightened beyond control. There is too much scope for something to go wrong and when a large vehicle makes a poor move, the aftermath is uncontainable.

If You Are Hit by a Drunk DHL Driver

It is good to know what you can do if you are in a collision with a drunk DHL driver. The first stage is to seek medical attention and ensure that your doctor pays close attention to any potential injuries as well as the more visible ones. After your health needs are taken care of, there are other things that need to happen too.


It is not always easy to prove that someone was drunk behind the wheel. However, the law enforcement team that attended the scene of the accident should make this their top priority to check. If there was alcohol present in the blood or the breath, then the driver would be immediately held liable. This will be the strongest piece of evidence as you navigate the compensation stage of the process.

Get In Touch

The next step is to get in touch with us and receive specific advice for your circumstances. When a drunk driver is involved and they are operating the vehicle for work purposes, there are a few different paths that can be explored. The company may be liable for their driver, or it may be a case of pursuing compensation with the driver themselves. We can help you determine which course is the best one.

Why Does Compensation Matter?

The fact is, compensation is just as important after any accident with a drunk driver. When something happens like this, an injustice has taken place. Your life will be impacted and you deserve to be looked after. Taking away the strain of financial pressure is the biggest way to do this.

Mama Justice MW Law Firm knows that being involved in a collision with a drunk driver as a pedestrian or road user is devastating. If you have lost someone you love or have been impacted because of an injury, then we can help you determine what comes next. These incidents should never be left to fester because although time heals, things like compensation and justice are equally as important.

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