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The Devastating Consequences of Industrial Accidents

The Devastating Consequences of Industrial Accidents

Industrial machines are designed to cut, bend, break, crush, burn, melt, weld, dig through, or shape the toughest natural and man-made materials on the planet in any way necessary. It’s not just devastating, but also horrific to even imagine what a machine like that could do if someone got caught in one of them.

Unfortunately, no imagination is necessary because hundreds of thousands of workers get injured in industrial accidents every year in the United States, while thousands pass away from their catastrophic injuries. A look through the devastating consequences of industrial accidents will help in understanding the seriousness of it all better.

Loss of Limbs and/or Other Body Parts

One of the most devastating and often fatal consequences of an industrial accident is the loss of one or more body parts. It’s a more common injury in manufacturing, packing, and construction than in any other setting, but workers can and do lose limbs in other industrial sites as well. If a worker manages to survive their catastrophic injury, they are often left without the ability to work or even fend for themselves.

Third-Degree Burn Injuries

Serious burn injuries are always devastating, and they too have a high fatality rate. Industrial workers can and do get burned by a long list of chemicals (including acids), hot/molten metals, boiling water, superheated steam, electricity, and of course, fire. The consequences of third-degree burns are painful, horrific, and debilitating. They can leave workers mentally, physically, and socially damaged forever.


The most devastating outcome of them all is death from an industrial accident. It can be the result of something as shocking as a chemical burn or a crush injury, or it can be as sudden as a random projectile hitting a worker in the head who was not provided with the right PPE to stay protected against potential TBIs. Irrespective of the cause, every death is a workplace tragedy and sometimes, a result of managerial ignorance of safety standards.

What Can You Do to Fight Back for Justice?

There are laws in place to protect the victim’s interests, as well as that of their survivors. If you have been gravely injured or a family member passed away as a direct or indirect consequence of an industrial accident, consult with our expert personal injury attorneys who specialize in workplace injury and wrongful death laws across the three states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

We, at Mama Justice MW Law Firm specialize in all fields of personal injury law and our expert attorneys are always available to provide you with the help and guidance that you need to win your case. It all starts with an estimation of the facts.

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