Mass Tort Lawyers Serving Clients in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee

Mass Tort Lawyers Serving Clients in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee

Every year, people in the United States are forced to deal with injuries and damages after the use of products that are marketed to be safe and effective. In some instances, injured parties may be able to pursue legal actions against negligent manufacturers after being harmed. When it comes to protecting your legal rights after suffering an illness or injury from a product, one of the most effective actions you can take is to file a mass tort claim.

A mass tort claim can help you recover the compensation you need for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and a variety of other damages you face as a result of the use of the product.

Our Jackson mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice have decades of experience effectively handling mass tort claims for victims in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Our attorneys are available to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss your illness and injuries and pursue legal actions against those at fault.

What is a Mass Tort Claim?

Many people use the terms mass tort and class action lawsuits interchangeably. However, there are key differences between the two types of lawsuits. Class action lawsuits are filed by a group of people who all experienced similar negative effects following the use of a product. These people all join together to file a suit and share all of the recoverable damages equally.

On the other hand, mass tort claims allow people who experienced similar issues from the use of a product to file a legal claim against negligent parties to recover compensation in the amount of their actual damages. These claims allow more of an independent approach for plaintiffs and do not require them to share any recovered damages with other claimants.

Cases We Handle for Our Clients

If you have been injured as a result of a medication, medical device, or another product, you may have legal options available to help you get justice. Over the years, our Jackson mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice have helped clients in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Some of the mass tort claims we are currently working with clients on include injuries and illnesses resulting from the use of:

3M Earplugs: Members of the United States military were provided 3M earplugs to use during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although they were designed with the intent to provide protection for users against loud sounds while allowing them to hear vocal commands from their superiors, a defective design allowed noise to enter into the eardrums of users, which led to hearing loss and tinnitus.

Belviq: The medications Belviq, Belviq XR, and other brands of lorcaserin were provided to patients as a tool to lose weight by curbing their hunger. However, the use of the product has been linked to the development of various forms of cancer, including lung, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer.

Elmiron: There are currently lawsuits in place against the manufacturer of the drug Elmiron due to the product causing maculopathy and other serious vision problems in patients.

JUUL E-Cigarettes: Early on, JUUL products were marketed to teens and school-aged children as a safe and non-addictive alternative to cigarettes and the use of tobacco products. However, a strong link was made between the use of JUUL products and the development of lung complications and severe addiction side effects.

Talcum Powder: For more than 40-years, scientists have conducted a variety of studies that linked the use of talcum powder in the genital area to the development of cervical cancer in women. However, Johnson & Johnson has denied these findings and continued to provide consumers with a product that is potentially life-threatening without warning them of the dangers.

Zantac: Dealing with acid reflux was once made easier for patients through the use of Zantac, an over-the-counter medication that alleviated problems with the stomach as well as esophagitis. Unfortunately, studies found that ranitidine medications contained high levels of NDMA, also known as N-Nitrosodimethylamine, a Group 2A carcinogen, which continued to increase even under normal conditions.

Sunscreen: There are multiple claims made against sunscreen manufacturers for providing consumers with dangerous products. Although sunscreen is designed to block the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging the skin and causing other health issues, several brands have been found to offer products that contain the toxic chemical benzene. People who are exposed to high levels of benzene may develop leukemia and other forms of cancer.

Toxic Baby Formula: Lawsuits are currently being filed against the makers of various Enfamil and Similac formulas. The use of cow’s milk-based formulas can cause babies who were born prematurely to develop necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). NEC is an extremely dangerous gastrointestinal disease that can be fatal.

If you used these or any other products and suffered adverse health effects, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our Jackson mass tort attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Our Mass Tort Lawyers at Mama Justice Can Help You

Our mass tort lawyers in Jackson understand the negative consequences that these and other products can have on your life. Not only are you forced to suffer severe health consequences, but your family suffers mentally, emotionally, and financially right by your side.

We strongly believe that you should never be forced to deal with life-changing consequences due to the negligence of another party. For this reason, we are committed to fighting on your behalf to make sure justice is served.

Over the years, our mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice have continued to provide high-quality representation for families in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee who have been harmed or have lost loved ones due to the negligence of others. If you have suffered serious negative effects as a result of a medical device, medication, or another product, our lawyers can help you get justice.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to all prospective clients so we can discuss your case at no cost to you. Contact our personal injury law firm today by calling (888) 484-1476.

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