Mass Tort Lawyers Serving Clients in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee

Every year, people in the United States are forced to deal with injuries and damages after the use of products that are marketed to be safe and effective. In some instances, injured parties may be able to pursue legal actions against negligent manufacturers after being harmed. When it comes to protecting your legal rights after suffering an illness or injury from a product, one of the most effective actions you can take is to file a mass tort claim.

A mass tort claim can help you recover the compensation you need for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and a variety of other damages you face as a result of the use of the product.

Our Jackson mass tort lawyers at Mama Justice have decades of experience effectively handling mass tort claims for victims in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Our attorneys are available to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss your illness and injuries and pursue legal actions against those at fault.

What is a Mass Tort Claim?

Many people use the terms mass tort and class action lawsuits interchangeably. However, there are key differences between the two types of lawsuits. Class action lawsuits are filed by a group of people who all experienced similar negative effects following the use of a product. These people all join together to file a suit and share all of the recoverable damages equally.

On the other hand, mass tort claims allow people who experienced similar issues from the use of a product to file a legal claim against negligent parties to recover compensation in the amount of their actual damages. These claims allow more of an independent approach for plaintiffs and do not require them to share any recovered damages with other claimants.

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